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The Outpatients



That's his secret identiy. He's one outstanding vocalist, plays all the keys and trombone to boot

That's  the secret identity of our just as secret weapon.  How can a guy play bass like that and manage to cover that kind of lead vocal range as well.

Yep, seriously he is known as Wart. But once you hear that distinctive fluid and funky guitat chops and that gravelly blues voice well  . . . well . . you'll see

Big Dick


Tick Tock like a clock that's the way he plays but drumming like what this 'pocket'ful of funk cat delivers is far far from play . . . seriously !

TThe sax machine that's the right the next best thing if you know what I mean. Once you hear him you most definatley will for sure know what I mean. Flute too !

Rapid fire delivery on the trumpet and flugel - is that why they call him Jabbo?  Er, no but it's a good guess.  You'll just have to wait and hear :)